Luxembourg Airport Guide to Luxembourg Airport (LUX)

Luxembourg Airport Bus

From Luxembourg Airport there are the following bus options: 


Line 16- Eurobus

It goes from the Airport to Hesperange with several stops in between.  

It runs Monday to Sunday, from 05:30h to 23:00h approximately everyday. Frequency on weekdays is every 10 minutes, Saturday every 20 minutes and Sunday every 30 minutes. 

Line 29

From Airport to Guillaume Kroll in Luxembourg City Centre. Some stops are Cents-Hamm, Gare Rocade, among others.

It works Monday to Sunday from 05:17h until 23:57h. On weekdays frequency is every 15 minutes, and weekends every 30 minutes. 


Ticket is 2€. Free on Saturdays. 


Line 117

It goes from Luxembourg city centre to Trier Main Station, stopping in the Airport and Mesenich, among others.

Fares and schedules depend on the final destination but fares start at 2€.

For more information, please, check its website 


To France 

It goes from the Airport to the city of Nancy. Some stops in between are Thionville, Maizieres-les-Metz and Metz. There are 9 or 10 departures per day.

To Belgium 

From the Airport to Marche-en-Famenne, stopping at Arlon and Bastogne. There are 12 departures per day. 

To Germany 

From LUX Airport to Trier, stopping at Morbach. There are around 9 to 10 departures per day. 


Prices start at 5€ and tickets can be bought online. For more information, please visit its website 


Some hotels near LUX Airport offer free transportation. Contact your hotel for more information.